Doug Cook

Doug Cook
Senior Risk Consultant

Doug joined Envirun as a Senior Risk Consultant in July, 2105. As a transportation consultant experienced in the challenge and responsibility of making significant improvements in a company’s safety culture, Doug has extensive expertise and a proven ability to reduce vehicle accidents, CSA BASIC scores and industrial injuries. His responsibilities for a 1,500 tractor fleet included the management of all driver training, and the creation and implementation of programs to reduce large truck accidents. It was here that Doug managed a national group of safety and training professionals, reducing vehicular accidents by 35%, and managed a successful CSA reduction program.

As a Senior Manager of Corporate Safety and Health for on the largest transportation entities worldwide, Doug developed and iDoug Cook picturemplemented corporate safety programs that reduced vehicular accidents and employee injuries. He ensured compliance with U.S. Department of Transportation and Occupational Safety and Health Administration regulations. With Doug’s leadership, this company achieved a 68% reduction in industrial injuries and a 25% reduction in vehicle accidents. All the while, he managed the start up of a nationwide divisional Safety and Health program. Scope of which included vans, large trucks, aircraft loading equipment and sorting systems. Doug’s certifications include: Certified Director of Safety, North American Transportation Management Institute; Motor Carrier Safety Compliance, United States Department of Transportation, Transportation Safety Institute; Company Sponsored Training: Six Sigma; Quantitative Management; Quality Management; Leadership.


Doug has received the following distinguishable awards: National Safety Director of the Year, American Trucking Association; National Safety Professional of the Year, the Clare C, Casey Award, Truckload Carriers Association; Charles V. Culbertson Outstand Service Award, American Society of Safety Engineers; National Safety Professional of the Year, American Society of Safety Engineers Transportation Division; Chairman’s 5 Star Achievement Award, FedEx Express; National Outstanding Service Award, American Trucking Association National Safety Management Council; North American Occupational Safety and Health Champion Award, American Society of Safety Engineers


American Society of Safety Engineers, Professional Member; Past National Administrator of the Transportation Practice Specialty

American Trucking Association, Past National Chairman of the Safety and Loss Prevention Management Council

Truckload Carriers Association, Past National Chairman of the Safety and Security Council