ELD Advice from a Roadside Inspector’s Perspective

  • September 19, 2017 /
  • by Andrew /
  • eld compliance, fleet safety, fmcsa compliance /
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truck-on-side-of-roadBy December 18 of this year, truck drivers must implement an electronic logging device (ELD). Motor carriers need to prepare for how roadside inspections will change going forward. Samuel Mayfield, a Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) compliance specialist, provides several tips for drivers to reduce risk and stay compliant. Drivers and compliance officers would due well to remember the following:

  • Opt for ELDs that provide several ways to provide and access data. Bluetooth-only options can lose connection, which can create gaps in data.
  • Do not opt for the cheapest ELD for the sake of saving money. Drivers need ELDs with easy to use interfaces. If their ELD is confusing or frustrating, they will resent the purchase. Their performance may suffer as well from increasing apathy toward their job.
  • Fleet managers need to read the regulation in detail rather than listening to word of mouth. Failure to understand the intricacies of the ruling can lead to noncompliance, fines, and more.

Mayfield offered additional advice regarding ELD specifications. Not all devices available on the market are compliant. Fleet managers and drivers need to familiarize themselves with what ELDs need to be compliant. Mayfield emphasized the following:

  • Drivers should retain original records even if their superior authorized a modification.
  • Drivers should be able to transmit data from ELDs through a variety of methods. Devices that can only transmit data via email may be in violation of the ruling.
  • Drivers should not be able to edit driving time on the ELD without supervision.
  • ELDs should track undocumented driving automatically.

Police officers are familiarizing themselves with regulation standards, but truck drivers can help reduce complications by following the above advice. To stay up to date with the latest trucking safety regulations, contact the experts at Envirun.