Jim Daulerio

James Daulerio, CDS, CDT
Vice President​, Senior Risk Consultant

On December 1st 2013, Jim became the Senior Risk Consultant ​for Envirun. Envirun is highly designed Risk Consulting firm ​primarily focusing on the transportation industry for loss control, which concentrates improving carriers in all areas of risk.Background James Daulerio has been involved in the trucking industry for ​45 years. Jim became a truck driver in 1970 and drove for 27 ​years, totaling 3 million sajames_daulerio_pic_png_215x322fe miles. In 1997 he began his career ​as a safety and compliance professional with large transportation ​company. In 2003 he completed his certification at the University​ of Central Florida to become a Certified Director of Safety. Jim ​also has an Associate’s Degree in Transportation from Bucks County Community College. Jim held various positions, leading ​him to the Director of Risk Management. Jim began working for ​another large firm in June of 2008 as Director of Safety and Loss ​Prevention.

In 2007, Jim received the Safety Director of the year award from the New Jersey Motor Truck Association. In April of 2008, Jim was awarded the Safety Chemical Leader of The Year. This prestigious award is given by the Chemical Industry. Jim was awarded the Safety Professional of the Year Award for 2012 from the New Jersey Motor Truck Association. NJMTA began presenting the award in 2011 to the safety professional whose job qualifications, career achievements, and leadership skills are deemed the most outstanding among his peers.

Association Involvement
Jim serves on several committees including four terms on the NJ Motor Truck Association Executive Board of Directors, one year as the Present Chair for the NJ Truck Driving championships, three years as the 1st Vice Chair for the NJ Truck Driving Championships, six years as Chair for the ATA Safety Management Council, thirteen years as a committee member and judge for the ATA National Truck Driving Championships, and 2013 Chairman for the ATA National Truck Driving Championships, and eighteen years as a member of the Safety Management Council. Also, a proud member of the Pennsylvania Sheriffs’ Association.

As an officer and board member for the NJ Motor Truck Association the council has the opportunity to help improve the trucking conditions in the state of NJ by voicing their opinions on issues that help improve the trucking industry. Their opinions help the NJMTA move things quickly through the NJ legislature. Jim also serves as the NJMTA Safety Chairman.

Jim was elected to these positions with the NJMTA at the state level and the ATA at the national level, by his peers in the trucking industry.

Community Involvement
Jim is involved with the Neighborhood Town watch in his community, assisting the Hill Township Police Dept.