Kenneth Jeffrey Houseman

Kenneth Jeffrey Houseman

Risk Consultant


Jeff Houseman joined Envirun as a risk consultant in July, 2015.  Jeff started risk consulting motor carriers in 2012, after a 27 year career in the Missouri DOT and DED. He is now providing safety and compliance training for companies and drivers. By conducting mock DOT audits he is able to provide credible recommendations and suggestions. Jeff has helped carriers raise their safety ratings and assisted them with penalty reductions. Since becoming a risk consultant, he has had the opportunity to work with carriers in Missouri, Illinois, Iowa, and Arkansas.

As a Senior Transportation Enforcement Investigator for DOT, Jeff was responsible for state and federal compliance reviews. He completed investigations regarding safety and economic violations. He gather evidence and take statements for prosecution using interviewing and investigating strategies developed over years of experience.He prepared and organized documentation for cases resulting in the prosecution of unsafe carriers and drivers. Jeff conducted Federal Safety audits and determined if carrier were operating within the guidelines of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). He also inspect commercial motor vehicles and drivers for violations and remove unsafe vehicles and drivers from the highways. Mr. Houseman also conducted outreach presentations for motor carriers providing them with the knowledge necessary to stay in compliance with Federal Motor Carriers Safety Regulations. Jeff also trained and developed new personnel as requested by management resulting in employees that can perform at an optimal level.


Jeff is currently certified in the following areas:jeff houseman pic
• General Hazardous Materials
• Cargo tank
• Bulk packaging
• Federal Compliance Review
• Federal Safety Audit
• Hazardous Materials Safety Permits
• North American Standard Inspection Level

Jeff Houseman’s unique skills as a Senior DOT Investigator are a tremendous asset to Enviun. His knowledge and expertise in CSA compliance are extremely hard to come by. Motor carriers rarely have the ability to apply such knowledge to their operations, in a proactive manner, to improve their performance. Contact us today to learn how Jeff can assist you in being successful.