Proactive Measures to Prevent Trucking Accidents

  • October 11, 2017 /
  • by Andrew /
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In a recent trucking technology and safety report, the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety learned several startling statistics regarding trucking accidents. For example, 2015 saw a four percent increase in crashes from 2014—totaling over 400,000 crashes. Of those incidents, 4000 proved fatal and left 116,000 injured. These numbers are unsettling, but there are several steps drivers and fleets can take to decrease the likelihood of a crash as well as its severity.

Trucking Technology That Boosts Safety

AAA’s study examined the effectiveness of four safety systems available to truckers. These include air disc brakes, automatic emergency braking, lane departure warning systems, and video-based onboard safety surveillance systems. The study found the benefits associated with these devices eclipse the related expenses.

Below are the specific statistics regarding braking safety technology:

  • Air disc brakes can help drivers avoid 2411 accidents, 1447 injuries, and 37 deaths each year
  • Automatic emergency braking can help drivers avoid 5294 accidents, 2753 injuries, and 55 deaths each year

Lane departure warning systems and video-based onboard safety surveillance accounted for even more significant safety benefits. These include:

  • Helping prevent 6372 accidents, 1342 injuries, and 115 deaths per year due to lane departure warning systems
  • Preventing 63,000 accidents, 17,733 injuries, and 293 deaths per year due to video-based onboard surveillance

Fleets and drivers cannot afford to ignore these numbers. However, no safety device can function without a qualified driver well versed in transportation safety. Fleets should emphasize safe driving practices to enhance the effectiveness of safety technology. Envirun can help fleets identify areas of risk within their operation as well as how to address them. If your fleet needs assistance with implementing safety technology and best practices, contact us to learn more.